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Santa Clara University graduate student Emily from San Jose (CA) wanted a cheerful bag big enough to hold workout clothes


 Hui-Bi Chang, Sunnyvale, CA, has been a customer since 2006. She has ordered several dozen custom-made tote bags. She enjoys designing her bags with us.

Hui-Bi Chang, Sunnyvale, CA
Hui-Bi has been a happy customer since May 2006!

A day in France: French Fair, Palo Alto
Emily from San Jose bought a burlap shopping tote.

Sue Slavik, Cupertino, CA
Custom tote order "Tiny Bubbles" fabric

Sue (above & below) said about her custom order that she is "one very excited TOTE OWNER. Thanks for doing such a great job! I really love it."

Sue Slavik, Cupertino, CA
Hands-free hipster in black cotton fabric with names of classic composers in gold

Pictured below, Barbara Nunes says, "I appreciate Diane's ability to help me personalize gifts for my friends and sometimes for myself." The Laurel Burch cats tote is for herself!

Barbara Nunes, Cupertino, CA
Laurel Burch Holiday Cats Tote, special order

Marilyn Bailey, Santa Clara, CA
Beautiful Baskets Tapestry Tote

Janet Fuller, Los Gatos, CA
Laurel Burch Cats Tapestry Tote

And the winner of the drawing is...

Free Drawing Winner: Congratulations to Sue Slavik from Cupertino, CA!
Sue was the winner of the roll-up shopping tote of her choice in a free drawing held in Los Altos, CA. 
People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for that person.
(from anonymous poem)

Portola Valley, CA, Holiday Craft Fair
Ella plans to carry her lunch to school in her burlap tote.

"It's rustic and cute. I'm going to use it to carry my lunch," said Ella J. (above) at a craft fair in Portola Valley, CA. The middle school 7th grader had to talk her dad into letting her buy the burlap shopping bag from Tote Your Stuff. "He thinks I shop too much," she said.


Pat showing off her new purse by Tote Your Stuff
Friends Kay N. & Pat Tsai at Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church

Music Shopping Tote $20/ea
Cotton shopping tote folds to about 3 X 4 inches.

"This is so cool! I like how the pattern is like a puzzle, the way the instruments fit together. I just wish that it had a trombone," says Jayden S. (above) from San Jose, CA.

Janie Gresham & Joelle Gresham, Michigan

Gloria Heistein on a shopping spree
Santa Clara, CA

"I've been a happy Tote Your Stuff customer for several years. I love Diane's colorful fabrics and excellent craftsmanship. For a distinctive gift or for personal use, you'll be happy with a tote, apron or other item from TYS," says Gloria Heistein (above), Santa Clara, CA

Dee Merrell, Texas
"I love many kinds of embroidery and other needle arts, but you can only put so many on the wall. Plus, the kinds of embroidery I like to experiment with don’t always match my home décor. For instance, this African embroidery is colorful and exotic, but I don’t have a colorful and exotic house.

So this is where Diane and her talent for framing my work with more fabric in a useful way, came into my life. Now my artwork gets more exposure, and I don’t get too uptight if it doesn’t match the pink blouse I’m wearing."  Dee Merrell, Texas

Kris Pemberton, Los Gatos, CA, blogs at

Beth from Los Gatos, CA
By San Francisco's Palace of Legion of Honor Museum with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Judi Pogue, Sunnyvale, CA

     "I love to tote my stuff in the four one-of-a-kind handbags Diane has made for me. The fabric she has available to select from is so special, and the pockets and closures are perfect for keeping my "stuff" organized and safe.

     In addition to the handbags, I have a great tapestry tote bag, which was a gift and my introduction to Diane's special skill and talent. Since poppies are one of my favorite flowers, my shopping tote is made from fabric covered with beautiful golden poppies!" Judi Pogue, Sunnyvale, CA

One of Judi's Custom Bags

"I love my tote bag. Not only does it hold everything that I need for school, but it's really cute too!"
Ashleigh Morton, Ceres, CA

Ashleigh Morton, Ceres, CA


Judy M. Beggs, Los Altos, CA

    "When I first met Diane and Arlene, my attention was immediately drawn to their beautifully crafted tote bags. When I found out that they are the designers and creators of Tote Your Stuff, I was eager to see more.

     I'm now the proud owner of eight of their tote bags and have given many to others as gifts. I like to use some of mine as totes; others are the perfect size for a purse."  Judy M. Beggs, Los Altos, CA

Click photo of Minoo to view French Flair page.
Minoo Asadi Amjadi, San Jose, CA, at Islamic art exhibit,Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA

Minoo (above), wearing a French tapestry hipster, created the colorful purses header we use at the top of our home page and at the bottom of other pages (look below). Her recycle art creation is made of recycled cardboard, packaging cellophane, and fabric scraps. The art piece looks so great that you would never guess it's made from items most of us discard.

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"My Tote Your Stuff treasures are the perfect combination of handcrafting and professionally made creations. I find one is not enough. You need dressy, dress-down and practical (foldup, re-useables for shopping). They make unique gifts, too.”
     Beth, Los Gatos, CA

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Beth, Los Gatos, CA


If you think your burden's heavy and good fortune seems remote,
Just remember to be grateful that you have some stuff to tote.
Jack Hasling, 2006;