Tote Your Stuff

Insulated Water or Wine Bottle Carriers

Keep your hands free for talking while you walk!

Insulated Bottle Carriers, decor-weight Cotton
L to R: Dots on Black, Diagnal Stripes on tan, Dots on Brown, Horizontal Stripes on tan, $26/each

  • Carriers measure approximately 10" high by 4" diameter--large enough to hold a wine bottle.
  • 3 layers: outer focus fabric, Insul-Bright insulating layer, & lining (usually quilted).
  • Strap (woven or focus fabric) is about 44" and will fit worn across the chest.
  • Specify if you need a longer strap or a short, 15" handle.
  • Send water bottle measurements for snug bottle fit if you prefer a smaller carrier.
  • $26/each cotton
  • $26/each decor-weight cottons
  • $28/each tapestry & upholstry fabrics
  • $5 USPS shipping in U.S.

Water or Wine Bottle Carriers with 44" strap on 5' 5" person

Order Team Fabric Bottle Carriers & Accessories
49ers Bottle Carrier & Cell Phone Holders

French-themed Water or Wine Bottle Carriers
L to R: Rue de l'Amour tapestry, French sayings & Vintage Paris in cotton

Water or Wine Bottle Carriers
L - Horizontal Waves & R - Tiny Bubbles, decor-weight cottons; Center--Black/White Diagonal Stripes

Water or Wine Bottle Carriers
L to R: Wild Poppies, Wine Glasses Tapestry, & Laurel Burch Cats Tapestry

Fiesta Bottle Carrier & Matching Mini-tote
Mini-tote has Velcro closure & plastic bottom insert.

Click on photo below to view other cheerful fabrics.

Cheerful Fiesta medium-weight fabric

Fiesta Bottle Carrier
Woven Strap 45"

Cheerful floral bottle carriers, $26/ea
Wild Poppies on Black & Pink & White Poppies; decor-weight cottons

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Water or Wine Bottle Carriers,
L to R: Wild poppies, Wine Glasses Tapestry, Vertical Waves, Laurel Burch Cats Tapestry

Wine Bottle Carrier with 15" black woven handle
Insulated wine bottle carrier with wine-colored, diamond-quilted top focus, bottom & lining

Wine Bottle Carrier with 15" Handle
Insulated wine or water bottle carrier with handquilted outside focus fabric

Add a 2 1/2" Carabiner Key Clip for $2.25
Black aluminum clip imprinted "Tote Your Stuff"

Add a 2 1/2" Carabiner Key Clip for $2.25
Black aluminum clip imprinted "Tote Your Stuff"

Handy carabiner key clip fits through carrier strap loop to hold your keys. Imprinted: Tote Your Stuff. $2.25

Wine Tapestry Bottle Carriers $28/ea
Tan tapestry includes California Wine Region names: Mendocino, Napa Valley, Sonoma, (& Monterey)

Vintage Paris Fabric Bottle Carrier

French Sayings 100% Cotton Bottle Carrier

Vertical Waves, decor-weight cotton, $26

La Vie en Rose Wine Bottle Carrier now in Oregon!
Dick & Mary Kay King with Ray Fink (right) taking their new WBC on its maiden voyage to dinner

"La Vie En Rose"
100% cotton

"La Vie En Rose"


If you think your burden's heavy and good fortune seems remote,
Just remember to be grateful that you have some stuff to tote.
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