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Make your own wreath or buy one of ours!

Fabric Heart Wreath for San Francisco 49ers Fans
The perfect gift . Other teams & sports available. $30 Click on photo to enlarge.

Oakland Raiders Heart Wreath $30
The 49ers aren't the only Bay Area football team to love!

Unique gifts for sports fans! Order a round or heart-shaped wreath.  Licensed team fabrics are combined with coordinating cottons.

49ers Heart Wreath $30
licensed 49ers team fabric, 100% cotton

49ers Fabric Wreath, round $30
Licensed team fabric paired with coordinating cotton fabrics. Custom order other teams & sports.

Skarlette wearing her new apron & making a wreath
Skarlette made her plastic newspaper sleeve wreath in about an hour.

Pictured above: Santa Clara, CA, 4th grader Skarlette learned how to make a wreath and completed one in about an hour at the Santa Clara Library Holiday Craft Faire. She came to the faire to help her mom, Sophina, sell items. Between shoppers, Skarlette made her wreath, and her mom knit.

Fresh & fluffy, recycled plastic bags wreath
uses green and white plastic newspaper bags.

Burlap wreath made by Arlene's granddaughter Lori
Fabric Wreaths are $25 - $35, depending on size & fabric.

How to make a Fabric Wreath

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Fuzuki making a wreath



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Materials: 1 yard of fabric total or 15 – 20 plastic bag sleeves your newspaper is protected by on rainy day, 1 wire hanger, & a short piece of ribbon 
 1. Use pliers to help shape wire hanger into a circle.                      
 2. Tie a short ribbon at the top for hanging.                       
3. Cut fabric or plastic bags into 1-1/2" X 7" strips. The fabric wreath pictured uses 1/3 yard each of three different fabrics.
 4. Tie strips around the hanger in any pattern you like. Just tie once, pulling ends securely.
  5. The bow on the plastic wreath is made from a mesh bag that oranges came in and secured in place with a grocery store tie band.                                                                                                

100% Recycled Plastic Bags Wreath
All you need is a coat hanger & the plastic sleeves your newspaper comes in on rainy days.

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James making his first wreath


100% recycled plastic bags wreath
Suzy Paluzzi from Cupertino with her new holiday wreath. Click photo to enlarge

     "What's distinctive about this wreath is that it makes creative use of recycling materials," says Suzy Paluzzi from Cupertino. "I liked it when when I saw it on the website, but I was even more impressed by how it looked when I got it. This is twice as nice."
     Suzy hung her new wreath on her front door.

Suzy's 100% Recycled Materials Wreath
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