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A day in France: The 2015 French Fair, Palo Alto
Emily from San Jose bought a burlap shopping tote.

Paris Flea Market, Livermore, CA
Holly from San Jose wearing her new hipster. Click on photo to go to Home page.

Holly Buchanan of San Jose is crazy about her Vintage Paris hipster. "I love it, and I'm so glad I bought it," she says. "I thank God every day I bought it. I have everything I need in it. It's absolutely perfect." Thank you, Holly!

Tres chic, n'est-ce pas?

French Tapestry Hipster # 963, Custom Order
8" W X 10" H, strap 51", 2 inside slip pockets, black diamond-quilted lining, black upholstry trim

Cheerful French Bistro fold-up shopping tote
Cheerful French Bistro Fold-Up Shopping Tote
100% cotton, 17" X 17". $15/each

Strasbourg, France

Bev Olsen, Santa Clara, CA, & Brandy at the fair
Brandy's new X-large Eiffel Tower tote from her mother-in-law, Bev Olsen

Burlap Eiffel Tower on Black Denim # 970 (below)!

Eiffel Tower on burlap on heavy-duty black denim
13 1/2" W X 15"H, woven straps 24", Tote 970, $32.50

Dogs Tapestry with French Poodle, Custom Order 966
12" W X 12 1/2" H X 3 1/2" D, straps 24", zipper & 2 slip pockets, key clip, magnetic snap closure

Click photo below to go to Cafe des Fleurs Tapestry page.

Cafe des Fleurs tapestry tote # 1004, Custom Order
Click photo to visit French Tapestry Collection.

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Rue de l'Amour French Tapestry Hipster
Minoo Asadi Amjadi, San Jose, CA, , at Islamic Art Exhibit, Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA

     "I studied art history in Iran, and my tapestry hipster brings back memories of a tapestry I once saw in the National Bastan Museum of Tehran. That tapestry is from the Sasanid era [224-651 BC], the last era before Islam.
     When I wear my lovely hipster across my body, it's comfortable and I feel safe. It's like wearing a diamond ring. I like to see it hanging on the wall even when I'm not using it."
      Minoo Asadi Amjadi, San Jose, CA, April 2013,
      National Museum of Teheran,

La Tour Eiffel, Hot Pink on Lime, $75, # 969
14 1/2" X 12" X 4 1/2", straps 26", zipper & 2 slip pockets inside, magnetic snap closure

La Tour Eiffel Hipster with Beads & Fluff, # 971
8 1/2" W X 10" H, quilted cottons, 2 inside pockets & key clip, zipper closure, $44, Custom Order

La Tour Eiffel in hot pink and lime
Tote # 971, $44 Custom Order. Available without beads now: # 968 $40

French-themed Fabric Bottle Carrier $25
Click on photo to go to Bottle Carriers Page to view carriers in other French fabrics.

Turquois and black quilted fabric with Eiffel Towe

Turquois and black quilted fabric with Eiffel Towe

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Paris, La Vie en Rose
Roll-up Tote, black trim, 17" X 17", cotton, $15/each

Paris, La Vie en Rose with red trim
roll-up tote 17" X 17" folds to 3" X 4 1/2", cotton, $15

French icons
100% cotton tote folds to 3" X 4 1/2", $15/ea

Vintage Paris
100% cotton roll-up tote, $15/ea

Strasbourg, France, July 2010
Capital of Alsace region in eastern France

Folding Shopping Tote, $15
Cotton, washable, folds to fit in purse or pocket

Could it be a Monet?
Impressionist Flowers #967

Impressionist Flowers #967, $55
11" W X 12" H X 3" D, straps 25", key clip, magnetic snap closure, 4 inside slip pockets


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Just remember to be grateful that you have some stuff to tote.
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