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Arlene Gresham & Diane Andrews

Diane Andrews (left) & Arlene Gresham
We're more creative together!

Arlene Gresham taking a sewing break.

      We're a mother and daughter team. Arlene, my mom, designs and sews totebags in Michigan, and I sew in California. We've been making totebags together as Tote Your Stuff since 2005. Working together is fun--plus, it stimulates our creativity.
      We get excited about fabrics. When we get a new fabric, we are especially eager to transform it into a beautiful totebag, purse, or shopping tote.
      "When I go to bed, I can hardly wait to get up and start sewing again," says Arlene.
       Our handmade fabric items are both useful and beautiful.

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We also make really cute ruffled aprons!

Arlene Gresham (left) & Diane Andrews modeling aprons in Michigan

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If you think your burden's heavy and good fortune seems remote,
Just remember to be grateful that you have some stuff to tote.
Jack Hasling, 2006;